Shri M.P. Purushothaman, Chairman of EMPEE GROUP and President, EMPEE Educational & Charitable Trust, is our Emperor. Shri M.P.Purushothaman has over 40 years of rich business experience honed to perfection in the hard school of life. He began his business life in an earnest way at a very young age and soon got associated with the Hotel Industry before starting other ventures. His undaunting courage and vision saw him establish several business ventures in all the Southern States of India.

Affectionately known as “MP”, he is meticulously careful in choosing areas of activities and setting strategies and goals that are carrying the companies headed by him to great success. On a personal level, our President is equally well known for his charitable and philanthropic contribution to society. An educational and Charitable trust founded by him manages an Institute of Catering Technology and Hotel Management besides National Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Now our President, in his relentless pursuit of his vision, makes sincere efforts to explore and conquer new frontiers in the field of education too. Not only as an Industrialist nonpareil but also as an Educationist he has been rendering yeomen service for the redressal and the amelioration of the less privileged and unfortunate in the cause of education. As Gandhiji said “My life is my message” on Truth and Nonviolence, the life of our President is the right message to our children, ie. “Hard work and Honesty”.