‘HCL’ Provides Digischool for National Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Digischool – Solution Philosophy
Digischool is HCL Learning’s comprehensive new age learning solution to meet all learning & management requirements of a school. The cornerstones of Digischool solution being ‘Touch, Innovate & Learn’ are well-interwoven in its content, infrastructure and services to take learning beyond textbooks and chalkboards.

The Digischool solution is an amalgamation of world-class content, touch-technology based true interactive whiteboards and Life Cycle Support functions to help our school usher in a new era of teaching & learning.

Here’s what makes the Digischool content approach unique:
Digischool is a learner – centric interactive multimedia learning solution that brings more collaboration and interactivity into the classroom. Digischool aims at enlivening the classroom learning experience through interactive touch-based technology that delivers multimedia educational content based on strong instructional pedagogy.

  • Digischool’s high-quality interactive content complements the existing CBSE, ICSE and State Board curricula to enable a participative instructor-led learning experience.
  • Designed specifically for Indian classrooms, the solution can be used by teachers to engage students in active learning.
  • Sound Pedagogy and Instructional Methodology deployed in accordance with the Indian classroom context.
  • Appropriate Multimedia Presentation Style chosen based on specific content requirements.
  • Integrated assessment solution for Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

‘Neverskip’ Provides SMS for National Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Jarulss Technology Solutions offers niche solutions and services in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Statistical Data Analysis (SDA) space across mobile applications and services – that are simple and effective.

With core management of 50+ man years of experience as Telecommunication Management consultants, IT Project managers, Research Analysis, Education consultants, our commitment to excellence, proficiency and expertise in developing technology based applications and services shall place your organization at the forefront.

Mission Statement: To organize school’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to all stakeholders involved. Vision Statement: To revolutionize school – parent communication and achieve preeminence as the industry leader through award-winning customer service, flawless product quality and delivery, and dedicated personnel.


What is School Ezy?
Conventional modes of communication have several limitations.

With innovative technology solutions; schools can establish and foster a strong bonding with stakeholders resulting in a clear advantage for all-school management, teacher, parents and children. School Ezy is a unique mobile-technology based solution that revolutionizes the way school and parents communicate.

Why School Ezy?
Some scenarios highlighting the lack of transparent and on-time communication between Parents and Schools:

  • Teachers send notes through diary – students either forget to show it to parents or parents forget to act on it?
  • Students reaching home / school late because of an extra coaching class / special classes / extra curricular activities, etc?
  • Declaration of unscheduled school holiday owing to situations such as bad weather or a ‘bandh’ or timely updates on rumors circulates?
  • And many more similar scenarios.

‘Disel’ Provides Digital Spoken English Lab with Computers for National Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

Disel Provides in our school:

  • The Computer Systems with Headphones.
  • Trainer (DiSEL Trained Trainers)
  • Spoken English Curriculum with course ware and work sheets.
  • DiSEL – Spoken English SOFTWARE.
  • ‘Students’ progress assessment pattern.

DISEL introduces a unique Spoken English learning experience for your students, we strongly believr that without adequate opportunity of listening and speaking, a person can never be fluent in any language and be confident. Our aim is to make every student learn the skill of speaking English for effective communication.

This is a comprehensive course to help your students learn the English language and speak it confidently. The exercises and activities are designed to create an atmosphere just apt for the students.

A virtual class room is created through the Teacher’s Control Panel (TCP) over the computer where the entire learning process takes place.

What is Multimedia Education Network Teacher Control Panel?
It is software which creates a virtual class room environment for the instructors and students. It is a powerful tool for teachers to control the classroom without strain. Teachers can take control over a student’s computer if required. There are various functions and features like ; Observe, is Broadcast, Online Test and Virtual recorder. There is an intercom between students and teachers that facilitates group talks, remote messages, without disturbing the other students.

Pronunciation / Speaking / Reading / Writing / Comprehension / Grammar / Personality Development.