• Attendance is compulsory on the reopening day of each term of the school. The permission of the Principal should be obtained in the event of absence of a pupil on that day.
  • No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during working hours without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students may avail leave only with prior permission, except in unforeseen cases. In such an eventuality they are to ensure that the leave application reaches the office or the class teacher on the first day of absence.
  • Any pupil availing himself or herself of sick leave shall be required to produce a Medical Certificate.
  • Absence without leave and late coming shall be considered as a punishable offence. Habitual late -comer shall not be allowed to attend school and will be
    severely dealt with.
  • Incase of unauthorized absence of 5 or more consecutive working days, without permission, the pupil will be marked ‘LEFT’ . He / She will not be re -admitted as a matter of course.
  • Every student should have attendance not less than 80% of the working days in a school year, failing which, promotion to the next higher class will be affected.
  • Absence during test will be viewed very seriously if prior permission is not obtained.
  • No pupil will be allowed to go home after entering the school premises even if he / she produces a leave application. A pupil will not be permitted to take leave for halfday unless the parent comes in person.